CAD2 rendering solutions (or nodes as they are more commonly known) are connected to your corporate network using an integrated Gigabit network interface card(s) (LAN connection).  Once the render node is configured on your network, third-party rendering management software (such as Autodesk's Back-burner in 3D Studio Max or the Rendering plug-in for Cinema4D) can be installed to manage the individual render nodes.  This process is called distributed or network and is very simple to configure and manage. The third-party render managing software allocates the frames to be rendered to the render node and continually disperse the frames until all frames are rendered. Once completed the render node(s) sits idle until additional frames are sent to be rendered.

If your chosen application does not support "Network" or "Distributed" rendering then versions of your application can be installed on each CAD2 render node so projects can then be rendered locally.

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